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Edding 750 Bullet Tip Paint Marker Medium Green (Pack of 10) 750-004 Pack of 10 Opaque. Lightfast. Waterproof. Heat and weather resistant. For use on most surfaces. Ideal in industry and production. Line width 2-4mm. Green. Pack of 10.
in stock 61
Edding 300 Permanent Bullet Tip Marker Black (Pack of 10) 300-001 Pack of 10 Bullet tip marker. Permanent. Tough acrylic tip. Large ink content and anti-roll cap to fit barrel. Stroke width 1.5-3.0mm. Colour - Black.
in stock 910
Edding 8404 Aerospace Permanent Marker Ultra Fine Black (Pack of 10) 8404-001 Pack of 10 Contains Black waterproof ink which conforms to EN71-3 and is light and water resistant once dry. Also resistant to many solvents and varnishes.
in stock 33
Edding 330 Permanent Chisel Tip Marker Black (Pack of 10) 330-001 Pack of 10 Chisel tip marker. Permanent. Tough acrylic tip plus large ink content and anti-roll cap to fit barrel. Stroke width 1-5mm. Colour - Black.
in stock 83
Edding 950 Industry Painter Medium Yellow (Pack of 10) 950-005 Pack of 10 An opaque, lightfast, waterproof paste marker which is highly permanent, heat and weather resistant. Marks on most surfaces even when wet, dusty or rusty. Yellow.
in stock 13
Edding 780 Paint Marker Extra Fine White (Pack of 10) 780-049 Pack of 10 Opaque marker for lightfast, permanent, rub and water-resistant marking especially on dark or transparent surfaces. Quick drying lacquer finish. Valve-controlled ink flow. Stroke width 0.8mm White.
in stock 39
Edding 1800 Profipen Technical Pen Ultra Fine Black (Pack of 10) 1800-0.1-001 Pack of 10 Instant technical pen. Metal framed special tip for precise writing or drawing. Lightfast, permanent, waterproof pigment ink. 0.1mm nib Black.
in stock 5
Edding Replacement Cutter Blades For ML18/M18 (Pack of 10) CB18 Pack of 1 Replacement blades for Edding box cutters. Sharp cutting edge for heavy duty work. Supplied in safety dispenser. Pack of 10 blades in dispensers: 8 sections per blade. Designed for M18 and ML18 cutters.
in stock 139
Edding 370 Permanent Marker Fine Black (Pack of 10) 370-001 Pack of 10 Alcohol based, permanent low odour marker. Water resistant on most surfaces and has no addition of Xylene or Toluene. Stroke width 1.0mm. Colour - Black.
in stock 2500
Edding 500 Chisel Tip Permanent Marker Large Black (Pack of 10) 500-001 Pack of 10 Large chisel tip. Refillable. Neutral smell. Permanent ink. Writes on almost any surface. Stroke width 2-7mm. Colour - Black.
in stock 25
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